The Arch Cherub Helkgematius



       "It was then that for the first time this holy planet received the name of 'Purgatory,' and its chief organization and government were undertaken at his own wish by our All-Quarters Maintainer, the Great Arch Cherub Helkgematius, that same great Helkgematius who after the creation of the world first merited the Sacred Anklad, that is, first attained that degree of Reason which is the highest that can be attained by an independent Individual, whatever his nature, and which is the third degree below the Absolute Reason of our Endlessness.

     "Although this holy planet is indeed the very best in every respect, as you have seen for yourself, and everything on its surface is of such a quality that it is always perceived, as I have already said, 'iskoloonizinernly,' in other words, as 'blissfully delightful,' by each independent Individual, yet for these perfected highest being-bodies who exist there this is of no account, since they are always deeply absorbed in their intense work of purifying themselves from those undesirable elements which have entered their presence for reasons totally foreign to their individuality.

     "In the common presence of these unfortunate highest being-bodies, perfected in Reason to the ultimate limit attainable by higher cosmic Individuals, there is one single datum which occasionally engenders in them the impulse of hope that they may at some time purify themselves and have the happiness of uniting with, and becoming a particle of, that 'Greatness' which our Omnipotent All-Just Common Father Endlessness actualizes for the welfare and happiness of everything existing in our Megalocosmos."



Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson, by G. I. Gurdjieff, page 645


Viking Arkana Edition, 1992.