The Archangel Herkission



             "All over that holy planet, in well-situated 'gorges,' there are convenient 'caves' of various interior forms, some made by Nature and some artificially, with striking views from their entrances.  In these caves there is everything required for a blissful and serene existence, completely free of essence-anxiety for any part of the presence of a cosmic independent Individual, such as 'highest being-bodies' can become.

     "It is in these very caves that, by their own choice, those 'highest being-bodies' exist who, owing to their merits, come to this holy planet from the whole of our Great Universe to continue their existence.

     "In addition to all I have mentioned, they also have at their disposal the very best, most convenient, and most rapid 'egoleeonopties' or, as they are still sometimes called, 'omnipresent platforms.'

     "These egoleeonopties move freely in all directions in the atmosphere of the holy planet, at any desired speed, even at the speed of falling of the second-order suns of our Universe.

     "This system of egoleeonopty was, I believe, invented specially for this holy planet by the famous angel, now already Archangel Herkission."



Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson, by G. I. Gurdjieff, page 684


Viking Arkana Edition, 1992.