Saint Buddha


    "One day while instructing some of his closest initiates, Saint Buddha spoke in very precise terms about a means for the possible destruction in their nature of the consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer, transmitted to them by heredity.

     "Among the things he said to them was this:


     "'One of the best means of rendering ineffective the predisposition in your nature to crystallize the consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer is "intentional suffering"; and the greatest "intentional suffering" can be obtained in our presence by compelling ourselves to endure the displeasing manifestations of others toward ourselves.'


     "This explanation of Saint Buddha, along with other definite indications of his, were circulated among the ordinary beings there through his closest initiates; and after he had undergone the process of the sacred 'rascooarno,' it began to pass from generation to generation.

    "As I have already told you, my boy, from the time of the loss of Atlantis the property called the 'psycho-organic need to wiseacre' had become fixed in the psyche of your favorites.  And so--to the misfortune of all ordinary three-centered beings of that period and of all succeeding generations up to the present--the beings of the second and third generations after Saint Buddha began to wiseacre and superwiseacre about this counsel of his.  As a result, the very definite notion became fixed in their presence and also passed from generation to generation that this 'endurance' could only be produced in solitude.


     "Here the strangeness of the psyche of your favorites showed itself, as it still does today, in their failure to grasp the obvious fact--obvious, that is, to any more or less sane reason--that in advising them to practice that kind of endurance, the divine teacher, Saint Buddha, meant of course that they should do so while continuing to exist among beings like themselves.  And he advised this in order that, by frequently producing this sacred being-actualization toward the displeasing manifestations of others, there might be evoked in them what are called 'trentoodianos' or, as they would say, the 'chemico-physical results' that engender in the presence of every three-centered being those being-data necessary for the arising of one of the three holy forces of the sacred being-Triamazikamno.  And in beings, this 'holy force' always becomes affirming toward all the denying properties already present in them."    



Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson, by G. I. Gurdjieff, page 222-223. (See chapter 21 for Gurdjieff's full discourse on Buddha.)


Viking Arkana Edition, 1992.