Saint Judas


     "But, my boy, when they had decided on this and were ready to begin the preliminary preparations required for this sacred sacrament, they saw that it was utterly impossible because it was too late; they were already surrounded by beings called 'guards,' and their arrest, with everything that would follow, was expected at any moment.


     "And it was just here that Judas intervened.


     "This future saint, the inseparable and devoted helper of Jesus Christ, who is 'hated' and 'cursed' owing to the naive stupidity of the peculiar three-brained beings of your planet, then rendered his great objective service for which terrestrial three-brained beings of all subsequent generations should be grateful.


     "The wise and onerous initiative that he took upon himself with disinterested devotion was that at the moment of despair, on ascertaining that it was impossible to fulfill the required preparation for carrying out the sacred almtznosheenoo, this Judas, now a saint, leaped to his feet and quickly said:


     "'I will go and do everything necessary so that you will be able to filfill this sacred preparation without hindrance.  Meanwhile, set to work at once.'


     "Having said this, he approached Jesus Christ and, after speaking with him aside for a few moments, he received his blessing and hurriedly left.


     "Thus the others were able to complete without hindrance everything necessary for the accomplishment of the sacred process of almtznosheenoo.


     "After what I have just said, you will doubtless understand how the terrestrial three-brained beings of the two types I described distort every truth, for their various egoistic aims, and have done so to such an extent that in the case of Judas, now a saint, thanks to whom alone they have benefitted for twenty centuries from a blessed hearth of tranquillity in the midst of their desolate existence, there has been crystallized in the presence of beings of all later generations this unprecedentedly unjust respresentation.


     "I think myself that if Judas was portrayed in their Holy Writ in this way, it may have been because it was necessary for a certain purpose for someone or other belonging to the mentioned types to belittle the significance of Jesus Christ himself.



Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson, by G. I. Gurdjieff, page 678

Viking Arkana Edition, 1992.