Saint Kirmininasha


   "Before saying more, I must not fail to point out that although Saint Buddha had supposedly said that a being already has within himself at his arising a particle of the Most Great Greatness, my detailed investigation quite clearly showed me that he could never possibly have said that.


     "And he could not have said this because, as my investigation quite definitely showed, when he happened on one occasion to be with his devoted disciples in the locality of 'Senkoo-ori,' what he actually said was as follows:


     "'If this most sacred Prana is crystallized in you, with the conscious or unconscious participation of your "I," you must without fail bring the perfecting of the individual reason of this totality of most sacred Atoms to the required gradation; otherwise this most Holy Coating, changing from one exterior coating to another, will suffer and languish eternally.'

     "Here it is interesting to recall that the beings of that planet were given the same warning by another Sacred Individual, also a genuine Messenger from Above, Saint Kirmininasha, who expressed it in these words:


     "'Blessed is he that hath a soul; blessed also is he that hath none; but grief and sorrow are the lot of him who hath in himself only its conception."



Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson, by G. I. Gurdjieff, page 227


Viking Arkana Edition, 1992.