Saint Markary Kronbernkzion


"And so, my boy! After I had found by these means both halves of the copy of the creation of the 'pending saint' Makary Kronbernkzion, I took them to a city in the country now called 'Turkestan,' which was at that period the chief place of my existence, and began deciphering the inscriptions and signs engraved on the boolmarshan, setting forth the scientific thesis by Makary Kronbernkzion under the title of 'The Positive and Negative Influences on Man.'


     "When we return home, I will try to recall and tell you as nearly as possible word for word the whole contents of this great work of the reason and, as is said, of the 'hand' of a three-brained being; but meanwhile Iwill expound to you only that part of the text in which Makary Kronbernkzion employed for the first time the idea of Good and Evil, by which he symbolized the forces which are the basis for the formation of the presence, as well as of the formation of the stream of successive states, of every relatively independent cosmic arising, and thus of course of every being.


     "If the ideas recorded on this boolmarshan were put into ordinary language, they could be expressed as follows:


     "'It is evident that we men, like all units existing in the Universe, are formed and always consist of the same three independent forces, by means of which the process of reciprocal maintenance of everything existing is actualized, that is, the following three universal forces:

     "'The first of these forces continually arises from causes appearing within the Prime Source itself from the effect of the pressure of new arisings and, issuing from it by momentum, flows out of that Prime Source.


     "'The second universal force is what this first force becomes when, after having spent the momentum it had, it strives to reblend with the source of its arising, according to the fundamental cosmic law, "the effects of a cause must always re-enter the cause."

     "'In the general process of reciprocal maintenance, these two forces are entirely independent, and in their manifestations always and in everything keep their own properties and characteristics.


     "'The first of these two fundamental forces, the one that is always compelled to manifest outside the source of its arising, must constantly involve; and the second, on the contrary, in striving to reblend with the cause of its arising, must always and in everything evolve.

     "'Since the first of these three independent forces arises from vivifying actions proceeding in the very heart of the Cause of everything that exists and thus receives in its presence the germ of that same power of manifesting vivifyingness, it may be considered as 'Good,' that is, as a factor for the actualizing of the backward-flowing effects, which in relation to this first force can and must be considered as 'Evil.'


     "Moreover, the first force, as it is manifested from inevitable and compelling causes arising in the Prime Source itself, can from this point of view be considered as passive.

     "The second, backward-flowing force, because it must constantly resist, in order to have the possibility of re-entering its cause, or at least of withstanding the contrary flow of the first, passive force, which has received its momentum from the Prime Source, must be regarded as active.


     "And as for the third universal force, this is nothing but the result of the clash, everywhere and in everything, of these two fundamental, descending and ascending forces.


     "Although this third independent force is only the result of the first two fundamental forces, it is nevertheless the spiritualizing and reconciling principle of every cosmic formation.


     "And it is the spiritualizing and reconciling principle because it arises and must exist in every cosmic formation as a presence, as long as this formation exists, as the result of diverse mutual resistances between the two fundamental forces, flowing in completely opposite directions.


     "And so, my boy, it was in this sense and in this meaning that the terms 'Good' and 'Evil' were used for the first time by that unfortunate Makary Kronbernkzion."





Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson, by G. I. Gurdjieff, page 1040-41


Viking Arkana Edition, 1992.