The Archangel Vilooar



         "I must also explain to you that the region of the common presence of the planet where these 'tremors' occur depends upon the position occupied by the planet itself in the process of the 'common-system harmonious movement' in relation to other concentrations of the same system.

     "Be that as it may, if this abnormal growth of the Tibetan mountains continues, sooner or later a catastrophe on a general cosmic scale is inevitable.  However, if this menace I perceive becomes evident, the Most High, Most Sacred Cosmic Individuals will no doubt take the proper measures at the proper time."

     "Please, please, Your Right Reverence!" interrupted Ahoon, and he rattled off the following:  "Allow me to report to Your Right Reverence some information I happened to pick up about the growth of those Tibetan mountains you have deigned to mention.  Just before our flight from the planet Karatas," continued Ahoon, "I had the pleasure of meeting the Archangel Vilooar, the governor of our solar system, and His Magnificance condescended to recognize me and to speak with me.

     "Perhaps Your Right Reverence remembers that while we were existing on the planet Zernakoor, His Magnificance the Archangel Vilooar was still an ordinary angel, and often used to drop in to see us.

     "So, during our conversation when His Magnificance heard me mention the name of the solar system where we had been exiled, he told me that at the last, most high, most sacred reception of finally reintegrated Cosmic Results, a certain Individual, Saint Lama, had had the privilege, in the presence of all the Sacred Individuals, of personally presenting at the feet of our Endless Uni-Being a petition regarding the abnormal growth of some of the elevations of a planet belonging, apparently, to that solar system.  And our All-Gracious Endlessness, granting his request, immediately commanded that the Archangel Looisos be sent to that solar system where, as one already familiar with it, he might clarify on the spot the causes of these projections and take appropriate measures.  That is why His Conformity the Archangel Looisos is just now hurriedly winding up his current affairs in order to set off for that planet."

     "Good, good, dear Ahoon," commented Beelzebub, and he added: "Thank you for this information.  Glory be to our Creator!  What you have just said will undoubtedly help to destroy the anxiety that arose in my presence when I first noticed the abnormal growth of those Tibetan mountains, namely, my anxiety that the precious memory of our wisest of the wise, the infinitely revered Mulla Nasr Eddin, might completely disappear from the Universe."



Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson, by G. I. Gurdjieff, page 242


Viking Arkana Edition, 1992.